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FIFA 19 was officially launched over the weekend and for the first time, developer EA SPORTS has released details on game modes and gameplay. So the Champions League license will be included in the game, the Journey mode returns and new gameplay features, such as the Active Touch system, are also announced. What else is there, we present here.

FIFA 19: Champions League and gameplay changes.
FIFA 19: Champions League and gameplay changes.

FIFA 19 will be released on September 28th, but until then EA SPORTS wants to work on some modes, but the developer has already revealed the first important information at the E3 trade fair. As in FIFA 18, Cristiano Ronaldo will continue to act as an advertising medium. Whether he stands alone on the cover, is not yet known, because so far there are only provisional packaging versions.

The Portuguese is not the only recurring element in the game. Also the Journey mode is back. For the third time in a row you will be accompanied by the story of protagonist Alex Hunter. In The Journey: Champions of course, the newly acquired Champions League license plays a role. It's supposed to be the grand finale of the Alex Hunter story. More details EA wants to announce in August.


Active Touch system and final timing

Skill-specific animations, such as Neymar's Trap, are possible with the new First-Touch tools.
Skill-specific animations, such as Neymar's Trap, are possible with the new First-Touch tools.
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After the first-touch system was a little out of fashion in FIFA 18, EA wants to put this feature back in the spotlight. With the Active Touch system, the ball acceptance and the ball touch were revised. EA speaks of a "fundamental change", which should be in a narrower ball leadership, greater game flow, more creativity and more player personality. Behind the latter is a revision of the Real Player Motion Technology. It is designed to give virtual kickers more realism through person-specific movements. This will be seen in tactical screening, post-collision reactions and physical positional struggles.

The targeted first-touch tools will be equipped with new gadgets such as covert balloon assumptions, flickup volleys, or skill-specific animations that only specific players can perform. But tactically too, FIFA 19 tips and tricks will come up with new features. Dynamic tactics should be the key to strategic variance. The customization options before each game have been expanded and additional D-pad options added for dynamic changes in the game in progress.